Saturday, February 16, 2013

She Did It For Free

I met Nykki in an adult RPG game (something like Sims that can have sex) and she was a “working girl”. So this means that everyone else was paying her for virtual sex…but not me! The conversation went great and we got along so good that we decided to meet on Yahoo Messenger after her “working program” and have some fun…

Me: hello baby
Nykki: Hey sweetie, you found me.
Me: yes i are u?
Nykki: I'm good, are you nice and full?
Me: yes..i have eaten, and i also took a bath
Me: too bad you weren't there in the tub with me
Nykki: mmm, nice full and clean. I bet you smell really good right now. That would have been nice.
Me: and how about u? are u still working?
Nykki: Yeah, I was just signing in when we met.
Me: and for how long you still have to work?
Nykki: I do a full 8 hrs in the game, per my contract but that doesn't mean I always have clients.
Me: and how about right u have any?
Nykki: not exactly, just chatting with a few members. But thats what I do.
Me: ok sweeety
Nykki: I told you I would sign on and wait for you

Me: that was really nice of you...
Me: did u seen the comments i posted on your pics?
Nykki: I did thank you, that was very sweet of you baby!
Nykki: I have to finish decorating my place so you will have a place to sit when you come
Me: but even without being vip, we still have our imaginations, and nothing can stop us of thinking that we are together right now, holding you in my arms
Nykki: that is very true, nothing can take away our imagination
Me: if you want, we can exchange some more pics here
Nykki: surely, I have more pics for you, but I have to step away for a moment, I have a client request and I know you like to have me all to yourself
Me: yes that;s true...well i hope he won;t keep you busy for so long
Me: because here it is already very late (2 AM)...i'll be waiting for you some more, but i can't stay all night 
Nykki: wow is it really that late. It's only 7PM here. Usually only 15 minutes.
Me: that's good 
Me: let me know when you're done
Nykki: Hey sweetie, I'm sorry. He wanted 30 minute session with phone.
Nykki: I'm here, I know it’s late for you but I will be on later. I'm usually up really late, and it will be early for you.
Me: so are you still busy with the client now?
Nykki: not really, we are finishing up now
Me: hehe ok..finish him fast 
Nykki: We are done. Thanks for waiting.
Me: let's hope it will worth the waiting ..hehe
Nykki: So now I am all yours, what would you like?
Me: since we talked so much of about taking a hot bath right now?
Nykki: that sound really good, a nice bubble bath with the jacuzzi jets
Me: good idea
Me: so until the bath is ready, we can start undressing each other 
Nykki: We can light the candles to give it a nice romantic glow and I slowly lift your shirt off over your head and rub on your chest
Nykki: I can just imagine how good you feel
Me: the mood is really nice and romantic now, and i also begin to slowly touch your warm body while kissing your soft lips
Nykki: yes, the water is getting full now. I'd like to get in so I can massage your body and wash you slowly
Me: seing that it;'s almost full i begin undressing you, taking off your shirt, then kissing your neck and shoulders...i begin to go lower and unbutton your pants, take them off and then get rid of your underwear too
Nykki: mmm, I like that. Let’s get rid of yours also. Feels like you might be ready for something else. Because I felt it when I unzipped your pants
Me: dick is getting harder as you are undressing me
Me: and as i'm moving my hands all over your body, i slowly touch your pussy, and feel how warm and wet you are too
Nykki: I know, it gets harder because I stroke it just a little before I get the pants all the way down

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some wild fun in Germany...

Meet Karolin, a cute 19 years old girl from Germany. She is a hot blonde, and even though she looks like a shy girl, she has a really wild and naughty side! She wanted to get straight to action, and she liked to do all sorts of nasty things! Enjoy! ;)  

Me: hmm is it really you in those pics from the site?
Karolin: yes…it’s me :)
Me: mm…you are really sexy…i love your hot body ;)
Me: have you seen my pics?
Karolin: yes…u are sexy too!
Me: if you want, you can also leave some comments to my pics …
Karolin: ok
Me: nice comments...i like them
Karolin: Thanks
Me: they made me really horny! i wanna have you here right now with me...i wanna kiss your nice lips, i wanna feel your tongue playing with my tongue, and then...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

She Is So Sweet And Romantic, Yet SO Naughty

Meet Nicki, a very cute 20 years old girl from the US. She looks so sweet and romantic so we started with some normal messages and we got to know each other better. Things turned out really well and soon we started kissing and caressing each other. And just a few hours later we got to talk on messenger and then things really started to heat up! The night ended perfectly for both of us…

Me: Hey there cute girl! How are you? So I've just found your profile and there are 3 things i really love about u:
1. You are sooo cute!
2. You also have a hot body
3. And you also seem to be a naughty girl :)
But I wouldn't want to get so far right from the start. First I want to know some more about you, about your life, your hobbies and stuff like that. So what interesting things can u tell me about you?

Nicki: oo well helloz and thank you very much!. I am doing well am just trying to stay warm. i really hate winter.
haha hmm
1.thank you, thank you!
2.dunno about the hot part
3.hmmm, maybe i can be sometimes :D
um i like to be cozied up infront of the fire on cold nights, reading a book or watching my favorite tv show's. i like to relax in a bubble bath but i tend to fall asleep and wake up in cold water.

 Me: Hehe that's quite funny...I never heard of anyone to fall asleep in the bath before :) And yeah, I hate winter too and I absolutely love the summer :D
And speaking of books and TV shows...what kind of books do you like and which are your favorite TV shows?

 Nicki: well i'm not just anyone :D i love the summer, i cant wait to be able to get my shorts, skirts, tank tops and bakini back out again!.

i always liked the harry potter books. i know i'm a dork. i also like books like Nancy Drew and drama's. I have alot of favorite tv shows. umm like: Shameless, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, New Girl, Girls Guide to Depravity, Life on Top, Lingerie, Arrested Development, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Me: Indeed you seem like a special girl, so that's even better!
And don't worry, because being a dork is an advantage...i just love a cute and nerdy girl that also has a wild side :) That's quite an impressive list how about music? What styles do you like?

Nicki: haha i never knew me being a dork is an advantage. i would have taken advantage of this. i like Melodic rock stuff and i love listening to Lacuna Coil. i also like alot of songs from the 80's

Me: Well you just need to find the right guy that will actually appreciate me for example :) Hmm sounds nice and you seem to be a very romantic that right?

The perfect morning...for a guy :)

Meet Jessica (24), a really cute American girl. We began talking just after she woke up in the morning (for me it was afternoon), and things got hotter and hotter. All she wanted was to make me feel good, and she did a great job! And as a reward, I gave her a really nice breakfast! I think that this is the perfect way to begin the day for any man! :)

 Me ( 5:03:44 PM): hey..are u here?
 Jessica ( 5:18:46 PM): im here just woke up!
Me ( 5:19:11 PM): well in this case..good morning!
 Jessica ( 5:20:33 PM): morning=)
Me ( 5:20:43 PM): i guess u are at home right?
 Jessica ( 5:21:16 PM): went to c diesel boy! u heard of him???
Me ( 5:21:35 PM): no..who is that?
 Jessica ( 5:21:53 PM): im still in bed.. writing u from my fone..
 Jessica ( 5:22:10 PM): utube it..some dj...
 Jessica ( 5:23:17 PM): i personaly dont like him...ppl were all on drugs jumping
Me ( 5:24:59 PM): lol :)
 Jessica ( 5:29:10 PM): are u goin out tonite?
Me ( 5:29:46 PM): well probably..i didn't talked to my friends yet
 Jessica ( 5:29:52 PM): im hungry!!!!! u like waffles???
Me ( 5:30:15 PM): would you believe if i told u i just eat waffles 2 minutes ago??
 Jessica ( 5:30:31 PM): nice, n where do u guys usually go?? clubs?
 Jessica ( 5:31:06 PM): u serious?? haha yummi...=D
Me ( 5:31:26 PM): sometime clubs..sometimes in pubs....yeah i'm really serious ...and u also eat waffles now, right?
 Jessica ( 5:32:14 PM): no ima have to call my friend to go have sme..their hard to make..
Me ( 5:32:32 PM): but why don;t u buy them?
 Jessica ( 5:33:53 PM): they dont taste as good as at a waffle place.. a breakfast place, kno wat i mean jelly bean???
Me ( 5:34:22 PM): yep
Me ( 5:34:53 PM): so you're in bed right now...can i come near you?
 Jessica ( 5:36:49 PM): of course u can=)
Me ( 5:37:18 PM):'s so warm here in ur bed
 Jessica ( 5:40:34 PM): haha yea it is...
Me ( 5:40:51 PM): let me hold u in my arms...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some Fun In The Sun

Meet Kathy…your typical American cheerleader (blonde, blue eyes, all tanned, with a big booty and some great tits). We know each other for some time and she is always horny when we talk. First we sent some pics to each other and then we decided to have some fun on a beach and damn it was great!

Me: hey baby!
Me: i'm up earlier lol...and how are u?
Kathy: good you
Me: just had breakfast 
Kathy: what u have
Me: one egg plus some cheese & bacon
Kathy: oh nice what are you wearing
Me: the same robe as last night, only this time i have some boxers and a t-shirt underneath
Me: how about u?
Kathy: why are you cold?
Kathy: shorts and a tshirt
Me: i'm not cold right now, but it does get colder in here by night
Me: mm i wanna see you baby 
Kathy: oh i se
Kathy: mee too
Me: let's put one picture each one, and then we say our opinions on each one 
Kathy: I put one on
Me: mm you are incredibly beautiful! i just love your eyes and your lips
Kathy: awww thanks
Kathy: you are so hot.....can you take me to the beach
Me: sure i can baby...but as i take you there we can put some more pics
Kathy: ok
Me: don't get jealous ok? 
Kathy: who are these lovely ladies
Me: so imagine the 2 of us on that warm sunny beach...laying down on the sand ...
Me: just come colleagues from my previous job 
Me: and none of them is as lovely as you are 
Kathy: how do you like this one of me
Me: that really you?
Kathy: yea i love surfing and my friend needed a pic for his class and this is what you get
Me: mm it's perfect...i love that sexy ass 
Me: but what do u think of this one? 
Kathy: that i want to join you in there
Kathy: where are you sitting now
Me: now i want to see a really hot pic of you (face included)...and we'll continue thinking of that lay on the sand and i start putting sun oil on your body..
Me: and i start rubbing it all over your back, going lower on your hips, oiling that sexy ass...
Kathy: this is my sexy pic
Me: looking great baby...i love your smile...
Me: and your tits too 
Kathy: thanks babe
Me: and then you turn over so i can rub the rest of your body, and i start putting the cream all over your abs and your legs...
Kathy: you forgot my tits
Me: and the i ask u if u want to get some tan on your tits too? 
Me: no 
Kathy: of course i do....
Kathy: and i want to feel your hands all over them
Me: so i take off your bra, put some oil on my hands and then start massaging them slowly, squeezing them in my palms..
Me: mmm they feel so good
Kathy: mmmmm 
Me: keep on posting pics baby..they don't really need to be sexy (in case you don't have more of those)...but i just wanna see you 
Kathy: im not verry cute in this pic
Me: and then i start massaging your abs and your inner thighs, and slowly wondering my hand over your panties..
Kathy: you gonna take them off too???